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Villas of Brenta and Padua


Villas of Brenta and Padua

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Starting from 15th Century, the Republic that had ruled the seas turned its attention more and more to the mainland, conquering the Veneto hinterland and much of present-day northern Italy. The venetian aristocracy (hitherto devoted to ship trade) began to invest more and more in land properties that were, at one time, mirror of their family power and holiday resorts. It was so that the famous “Palladian villas” came to be, among which those found in Stra (a charming little town few kilometers away from Venice and Padua) stand out for their beauty!


Villa Pisani-Stra

This impressive 18th Century villa stands majestic on the banks of the Brenta river, an ideal continuation of the venetian Grand Canal on the mainland. Over the centuries, its 114 rooms have hosted Doges, Kings and Emperors, serving today as a National Museum displaying original works of art and furnishings from 18th to 19th Century. The heart of the Villa (sort of temple of the Baroque) hides treasures such as the Ballroom with Giandomenico Tiepolo’s fresco “Glory of the Pisani family”, the paintings by Jacopo Guarana, the carvings by Andrea Brustolon and the splendid labyrinth garden with its fishpond and the citrus orchards. During the tour we will also see Napoleon’s apartment (with the famous four-poster bed surmounted by his initials), the marvelous Empire-style furniture by inlaying-master Maggiolini, or the frescoes by Carlo Bevilacqua…


Villa Foscarini Rossi

Not far from Villa Pisani, the 17th Century Villa Foscarini Rossi surprises for its beauty the few visitors who get here. Commissioned by the Venetian hero Jacopo Foscarini as a refuge for his old age, the Villa preserves its manor house and its splendid guesthouse (designed by ingenious architects such as Vincenzo Scamozzi, Francesco Contini and Giuseppe Jappelli), as well as enchanting halls decorated with frescoes by Pietro Liberi and Domenico de Bruni. The visit to the Villa includes a pleasant walk through its splendid gardens, its wine cellars and the original Rossimoda Museum: a collection of luxury women’s shoes, resulting from  the collaboration between the historic Rossi family shoe factory and the most famous international brands. This hidden gem sheds light not only on the fashion of the last 50 years, but also on the history of Venetian costume and on the main manufacturing activity of this area so close to the Lagoon, but still so little known.


Padua A true treasure trove of art and history

“Padua represents a true treasure trove of art and history”. Palazzo della Ragione, an environment so full of history. On the walls even now you can read the human events linked to those frescoes. The Palace represented one of the beating hearts of the city and one feels very small under those enormous ceilings and even in front of that great horse, which emerges from the history of the city “. The Basilica and the Scrovegni From the house of civil power to that of sacred power: “The Basilica del Santo captivates you from the outside, with its large Byzantine-style domes, which stand out under the sky – Inside, the dimension of faith is continuously intertwined with the cultural and artistic dimension “And then of course Padua also and above all means the Scrovegni Chapel”, recently included in the list of world heritage sites. . It is a thrill to be face to face with a great from the past like Giotto, who has left all his feelings on the walls as well as a masterpiece of art. It is truly an incredible journey through time ». Small Padua but with a warmth of history and culture that has no equal ».


Duration: full day (6-8h)
Price 1-4 PEOPLE: 360€ total + transportation fee (for more information please contact me).

* every extra person: +20€ per person

PLEASE NOTE: Price does not include train/bus tickets or transportation between Venice and Stra, the entrance ticket to Villa Pisani (max 12€ per person) and to the Rossimoda Museum (7€ per person).

Pick up: Hotel/Port/Airport/Train Station or at the meeting point of your choice.

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