Tourists travel in large groups and spend their holidays chasing a guide’s flag while at the same time trying to listen what he or she says on their ear phones. Travelers instead, want to experience and discover the places they visit, and to leave enriched and fulfilled.

Venice is a beautiful city. Though small in size, its channels and buildings are a full of art, beauty and were home to numerous historical events that have made Venice the unique city that we see today. Venice was a European economic and military superpower. It dominated the maritime trade, particularly with the East and was even able to resist to the expansion of the powerful Ottoman Empire.

Today, millions of tourists visit Venice every year; Venice is not only an extraordinary city of art but also an unbelievable masterpiece of construction engineering. One must remember that Venice is not only St. Mark’s Square, but that it is also St. Mark’s Square.

Let a venetian guide you through an incredible journey into the heart and history of Venice. Eventually you will also reach St. Mark’s Square, but you will get there taking a different path, one that is outside the normal tourist routes. You will see Venice as someone who was born here and will be able to hear the sound of your own footsteps as you will reach Piazza San Marco.

The journey will be over fast, but the experience of having lived a day as Venetians will also accompany you on your return home…until next time.

Please note: this tour was conceived for cruise ship guests.
Not recommended for tourists… FOR TRAVELLERS ONLY
Two hour tour: € 120
Half day €200
Full day €300
Form 1 to 4 persons. Additional Guests: €20 each
Please Note: Prices do not include waterbus tickets
Meeting Point: Hotel/Seaport/Airport/Train Station or Other according to your needs