“Life is a journey. Travelling is living twice” – Omar Khayyam – (Persian Poet 12ft Century).

My name is Nadia.

I am a tour leader and in my life I have visited many countries: not to find myself, really, but to learn how to live at fullest and enjoy every moment.

Every person I met in my wanderings has always taught me something. I think one of the reasons why I love my job so much is this: the chance of meeting people from different countries and with a different culture. What’s more, I get to meet them during of the happiest moments in their lives… holidays!

Venice, where I live, is the most beautiful city in the world: despite being extremely small, it hoards an impressive wealth of Art, Architecture and History, making it a truly unique place. For centuries, this was the capital city of an economic and military empire, ruling over maritime traffic (particularly with the East) and able to cope with formidable “competitors” such as the Ottoman Empire!

This may be the reason why every year Venice is visited by millions of “Tourists”: people squeezed into large groups who, headphones in their ears and watch at the ready, end up chasing around their guide’s flag all day. Many will see exactly the same sites (like Saint Mark’s Square or Rialto Bridge) all the while walking the same streets, crossing the same bridges, taking the same pictures … What are they going to remember, I wonder? How will their holiday be any different from the ones thousands other already had in Venice? Most importantly: how many beautiful things will they miss for the simple fact of not having chosen a less famous path, instead of the main one? Many times I stopped to suggest an alternative route or to point a hidden gem, but it was not always possible and this has always made me a little sad…

In my opinion in fact, “traveling” means “discovering”. Travelers should therefore feel a constant urge to learn new things and see … “more”. In Venice, they would not be content with simply rushing through the city center: they would try to discover the whole city and live it at fullest. They would not just look at the monuments: they would try to learn customs and traditions, support the arts and crafts,  taste the local food… in short, they would have fun. And in doing so, they would remember not only what they saw, but also the emotions felt (and the eyes of those who led them).

The “Friend in Venice Project” starts from here.

I would like to invite you to visit my city not as simple Tourists, but as true Travelers.

I would like to show you how to get off-the-beaten-path, discovering the mysterious, hidden corners of Venice which is not JUST  St. Mark’s Square: it is ALSO St. Mark’s Square.

Most of all, I would like to give you the opportunity to live as a Venetian for one day, accompanied by someone welcoming you as a long-time friend …your “Friend in Venice”, why not?

Please choose Friend in Venice for your visit: we will discuss History, Art, Architecture, Crafts, Culinary Traditions, Legends, Curiosities … or whatever it is that interests you most!

Because I know: like me, you too are constantly on the move. You too are always travelling and itching to discover the most authentic soul of this beautiful city, making your time here an extra special and memorable experience!

See you soon then friends … I look forward to meeting you!

Nadia, your Friend in Venice

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