Every year, between the end of August and the beginning of September, movie stars from all over the World crowd the Lido of Venice, hoping to win the legendary “Golden Lion” (sort of venetian Oscar Award). Likewise, thousands of onlookers and film buffs  rush to the Movie Festival Palace and the nearby Casino to enjoy the arrival of the latest Hollywood star, the charm of the red carpet or simply the lively atmosphere between one preview film and the other. The island seems to be all there, in that short stretch of land between Hotel Des Bains and the Grand Hotel Excelsior … but it is not so!
Nestled between the Adriatic Sea and the Lagoon, the Lido is Venice’s beach. A beautiful island, bursting with shores and gardens, reachable from the city and the mainland only by water-bus or ferry-boat. Its history began more than 1000 years ago, when the church of San Nicolò was founded on the eastern edge of the island. This church (where in the following centuries the famous “Marriage of the Sea” ceremonies would end, and whence the IV Crusade set out in 1204), still preserves the relics of St. Nicholas of Myra, aka “Santa Claus”. Despite the presence of such an important place of worship and of the oldest Jewish cemetery of the Lagoon, the Lido remained for a long time an almost deserted island, full of vegetable gardens and orchards ,in which the Venetian nobility loved to organize country festivals. The real development began only in 19th Century (with the construction of the first bathhouses), finding its maximum splendor between 1920s and 1930, when it became the favorite holiday resort of literates like Thomas Mann and of the whole European jet-set. Attracted by the healthy environment and the proximity to Venice, many of these people began to commission summer villas to architects such as Sardi, Sullam or Torres. These took advantage of their patrons’ wealth (as well as of the abundance of  free space) to experiment with that “Art Nouveau” (or, as the Italians have it,  “Liberty Style”) of which breathtaking examples remain. Since 1932 the charm of the Film Festival was added to this splendor: born within the Biennale of Art Exhibition it remains, to this day, one of the island’s most anticipated events throughout the year…
Our tour of the Lido could start from Piazzale Santa Maria Elisabetta (the waterbus terminal), where we could rent a bike to cycle as far as the area of San Nicolò del Lido, the old Jewish cemetery or (why not?) the small Nicelli tourist airport. We will then head back towards the “Gran Viale”, where we will relish in wonders like Villa Mon Plaisir, Hotel Villa Otello or the splendid Villa Romanelli: exquisite examples of Liberty architecture, all rich in details that the most attentive visitors will love. After an aperitif or a coffee at the extravagant Hotel Excelsior, we could then relax with a walk along the Lido beach, famous for its golden sand dunes overlooking that Adriatic Sea ​​Venice ruled undisputed for centuries…
DURATION: From 2h to 6h, according to your needs.
PRICE 1-4 PEOPLE: 120€ (2h tour), 180€ (3h tour), 240€ (4h tour), 360€ (6h tour).
EVERY EXTRA PERSON: +20€ per person.
PICK UP: Hotel/Port/Airport/Train Station or at the meeting point of your choice.
PLEASE NOTE: Prices do not include waterbus/bus fee (8€ per person one way ticket/ 20€ per person 24-hr-long ticket), the bike’s rental fee or lunch.