In between films, awaiting the arrival of the latest Hollywood star in the ten days of the Venice Film Festival, the Lido offers its best side. And it seems to be all there, in the space covering the Hotel Des Bains and the Grand Hotel Excelsior.

But it is not so. The Venice Lido’s development began in around 1850 with the construction of the first seaside resorts, and culminated in the late ’30s. In that period commissions to build summer villas rained down on architects from all over the world, but mainly from Venice. Their customers’ wealth and the almost absolute freedom to design in a semi-deserted area allowed experimenting at the Lido with a style called “art nouveau”, which in Italy would be called “Liberty”.

And then on to via Lepanto’s Hotel Villa Otello and the splendid Romanelli Villa. The details are left to the attentive eyes of the most observant visitors, but the Hotel Des Bains and the Hotel Excelsior cannot be overlooked, just to mention a few examples.

The Venice Film Festival is an annual event which takes place at the end of August / beginning of September which has been running since 1932. The Venice Film Festival’s greatest accolade is the Leone d’Oro (Golden Lion) for the best film, which is presented at the awards ceremony on the closing day.

It’s one of the events organized by the Venice Biennale organization, and is an important public relations event for the city. Although there are art-house films and prizes, each year there is a Hollywood element which attracts the paparazzi and gives the city a bit of glitz.

The Lido of Venice (Lido di Venezia) is a 12 km long strip of land between the Adriatic and the Venetian lagoon; thanks to such comfortable geographical position, it is a place suitable for staying all the year-long, and especially from March to October.

So let us begin with a drink or a fine cup of espresso at the Grand Hotel Excelsior. We could then go on to see the Jewish cemetery and continue to the church of San Nicolò from which the 4th Crusade started.

Full day tour: €300
Form 1 to 4 persons
Please Note: Prices do not include bus and waterbus tickets
Meeting Point: Hotel/Seaport/Airport/Train Station or Other according to your needs