Venice is a very small city and yet it was able to become one of the great powers of the history; how did Venice achieve this amazing task? During this itinerary we will discover many of the secrets that made success possible and we will take a behind the scenes look at Venice and its wonders.

At the end of the itinerary you should be able to see Venice through new eyes; not will you be able to better appreciate the art and architecture that attracts millions of visitors per year, but you will also understand the history and reason behind all this beauty. The canals and buildings hold inestimable amounts of art and beauty, and were the stage for myriads of historical events that made Venice into such a unique city.

We will take a ride down the Grand Canal on a private taxi and take a trip through seven centuries of history. Each of the buildings that line the banks of the Grand Canal has either been a witness or a protagonist of Venice’s long life; behind each of their walls lived the the Dogi, artists, explorers, merchants, play writers and bankers that shaped the history of this unique city.

Venice is unique and we venetians are still discovering its secrets aware that a lifetime is not enough to understand and to know all of its secrets and beauty. History and art can be studied, yet the emotions that they are able to transmit remain difficult to be described if they are not lived in first person; and I will be beside you to guide you.

Two hour walking tour + one hour private water taxi ride for a total of three hours
Price: TBD
Meeting Point: Hotel/Seaport/Airport/Train Station or Other according to your needs