Taste of Venice Food Tour.  A voyage of culinary discovery and sensory charm at the discovery of the real “Taste of Venice”.  During this food tour, guests are introduced to the most typical Venetian traditions, such as cichetti (tapas style hors d’oevres), served with an ombra  (glass) of wine. Typical Venetian cicheti are fried crab claws, meat balls, half boild eggs with anchovies, fried vegetables, moscardini (tiny octopus) with polenta, soppressa with polenta and toasted bread with creamed cod, i.e. cooked in milk and then creamed. However, the best hors d’oeuvre by far are the sardee in saor: these are sardines cooked and marinated with onions and vinegar and flavored with raisins and pine nuts.

We can start with a drink, an aperitif, with a typical Spritz and then move on to visit some of the most famous “bacari ” (sort of pubs where people meet to drink wine and dine) in Venice and I will tell legends and folkloristic stories about animated “calli” and discover the true tastes of Venice.


Bacari: from Baccus, God of Wine, Theatre, and Ecstasy

Cichetifrom the latin word “ciccius”, which means a very small quantity

Ombra Ombra in Italian means shade. In Venice there were wine sellers in St. Mark’s Square who, in the hot summer months, set their tables in the shade of the bell tower. As the shade moved around the square during the day, the wine sellers kept moving also, so they would always have their stand in the shade, keeping themselves (and the wine) cool.

Spritz: The history of this drink is murky and disputed, possibly involving Austro-Hungarian occupiers in the 18th century. Is it they who put the olive in there? No one seems to know for certain. Sweet, bitter, citrusy and sparkling — even slightly salty — but with minimal punch, it is a graceful segue for an empty stomach to begin an evening, and a thing of perfection on a sultry afternoon.


Venice Food Tour
Cost per person: TBD
Meeting Point: Hotel/Seaport/Airport/Train Station or Other according to your needs