The Itinerary that I propose here is a route which will, through art and history of Venice, take you on a discovery search of various religious traditions which have for centuries participated in the political and social life of the city and which are a live testimony of its past, even today.

To bring vitality about and to protect its coastal interests and trade exchanges with the Orient, Serenissima  had always welcomed and had always vouched for the protection of justice and respect of an individual or of integration between people, without distinction of customs, colours and religions.

Armenians, Christians, Jews and Orthodox church followers met each other in this city which, due to its nature, its social structure and its economical incline, had always been opened to relationships with different cultures.

This tolerance, united with a certain autonomy as regards to the church of Rome, contributed to population of Venice and its lagoon with diverse religious denominations.

A crossroads of people and religious faiths which took part in enriching the Venetian artistic patrimony and making Venice, city originally Christian-catholic, a civilisation rich in testimonies of different cultures, evident even today in its monuments, its artworks and its traditions.

The need to affirm its own cultural and religious diversity persuaded numerous foreign communities that emigrated to the city to build their own real and specific place of worship giving life to a harmonious plaiting of architectural forms and artistic traditions.

We can re-live the stages of this history that had through centuries seen diverse religious communities rise and get developed in the lagoon, through traces of this past, which is still present and which indissolubly united Venice and the Orient, contributing to nourishing the myth of Venice as “door of the Orient”.

This route, starting from the architectural complex which contains the Greek Orthodox Church of San Giorgio dei Greci, will take you inside the Jewish ghetto and at the end you’ll arrive on the monastery-island of San Lazzaro degli Armeni, in the research of traces of a history written on its stones and in the gardens and which has been guarded by this city for centuries.

Duration of Itinerary: Full Day
Price 300 Euro.
From 1 to 6 persons. Each additional guest: €20
Vaporetto day tickets  €12,50
Entrance to Islands of Armeni €6
Meeting Point: Hotel/Seaport/Airport/Train Station or Other according to your needs