Through the Eyes of a VenetianAn itinerary which will take us off the beaten path. We will stroll in uncontaminated areas of the city. Beautiful gems which, because of their distance from the “hordes” of tourists, and because of their sheer beauty, inspire mysterious beauty and awe. Silent places, where all that surrounds us transpires centuries of Venetian history. Through the Eyes of a VenetianLido of VeniceThe Lido of Venice (Lido di Venezia) is a 12 km long strip of land between the Adriatic and the Venetian lagoon; thanks to such comfortable geographical position, it is a place suitable for staying all the year-long, and especially from March to October.Lido of VeniceCourtesans This tour will let you in on the hidden lives of the Courtesans of 13th and 14th Century Venice. Courtesans The Islands of the LagoonThis excursion has a lot to offer both to those interested in the natural beauty of the landscape and to those who are interested in learning about the ethnographic and cultural aspects of Venetian history.The Islands of the LagoonVenice of FaithsThe Itinerary that I propose here is a route which will, through art and history of Venice, take you on a discovery search of various religious traditions which have for centuries participated in the political and social life of the city and which are a live testimony of its past, even today.Venice of FaithsVenice ArtisansTour of Venice artisan workshops, including glass and crystal makers, metal workers, artistic marble shops and much more.Venice ArtisansTaste of VeniceWining and Dining in Venice. A tour to discover the real “taste” of Venice” that will introduce the guest’s to the most typical venetian food, cichetti (hors d’oevres), served with an ombra (glass) of wine.Taste of VeniceCooking SchoolCooking classes addressed to all those who wish to widen their knowledge of Italy and of its traditions through the experience of delicious dinners, lessons and meetings with experts.Cooking SchoolVenice ArsenalThis itinerary will lead us to discovery one of the most secret places of Venice. We will discover the secrets of the construction of the galleys, visit the Naval Museum of the city and the Castello district.Venice ArsenalShore Excursions with a Private GuideTour for cruise ship guests.Shore Excursions with a Private GuideVillas of BrentaThis itinerary will take you to visit the country villas of the Dogi along the banks of the Brenta river that runs from the Alps, all the way to to the Adriatic Sea, just south of the Venetian lagoon.Villas of Brenta